The Black Zodiac

If you died right now, which one would you be?

1 – THE JACKAL – Your original origins are unknown. With a head locked into a metal cage, you are the right hand of the Devil himself. Known as the Kaldicuck, you are nothing but teeth and claws, you are the beat of the number 666. Tracking and killing all those in the deepest bowels of Hell who remain unforgiven.

2 – THE JUGGARNAUT – You are ciminally insane. Emphasis on the ‘criminally’ part. Depicted as a man fill with bullet holes forver spilling maggots and blood the color of gasoline. You kill everyone and anything in your path simply by breaking them in pieces, literally, your favorite bone to break being the spine.

3 – THE GREAT CHILD & DIRE MOTHER – You are truly a member of evil but more so… vengence. Raised your son to be so huge and monsterous you sought to control him and kill all you wished with his immense power. Unfortunately, he proved to evil and untrustworthy for you, and both of you died within your own quarters.

4 – THE HAMMER – Manifestation of a crazed blacksmith. You are so tired of being treated poorly.. either for your race or beliefs, or sex. So you’ve begun to take it out on others. You went on a long killing spree and now prowl hell nail your victims to walls with rail-road spikes. As punishment given by the Divine, your body has been rejeted and you were given another strength, but immortal all the same.

5 – THE PILGRIMESS – You are never understood.. are you? Sentenced falsely to witch craft at a young age. You were forced to live in the stocks until your body died of exposure or the abuse of fellow townspeople. In the underworld you are a lunatic, permanently locked in bonds, hunting down anyone that cannot love you for waht you are.

6 – THE TORN PRINCE – You hate yourself. A handsome young man with everything going for you in life … Then one night you do something stupid and end up bodily dismanteled by the side of the road. You cannot forgive yourself for waht one night of drunken fun did. You are the ultimate of self-pity and decedance… sometmes thought to be the son of Satan himself. A betraryer to one’s self.

7 – THE FIRST BORN SON – You are quite angelic. And probably don’t even understand what’s been done to you.. And most likely never will. A young child, you were pierced through the head with a stray bullet and do not yet know you were dead far before your alloted time. Cursed to wonder barren fileds, sapping the life from anyone vulnerable enough to hold and comfort such a poor young lost child you seem when in reality you are a bloodhtirsty sucubine, stealing the body and soul of victims who attempt to cajole you.

8 – THE TORSO – You are often deciteful. You lied to very bad members of gangs and the underworld. For your crimes you were put on the rack, disembowled, and finally decaptiated. To keep littler evidence what was left of your body, nothing but a torso, was wrapped in celeophane, you crawl the tunnels of Hell accompanied by your head trying to plea your innoence, though you never can.

9 – THE ANGRY PRINCESS – Scarred in life by your true love, you committed sucide by slashing not only your wrist, but your entire body. Completely nude you travel through the moral realm. Haunting the heartbroken, and taking the lives of young girls in an attempt to regain your soul, forver lost in the depths of your black eyes beacuse of suicide.

10 – THE WITHERED LOVER – You are utterly taken fro granted in all that you do. You cared greatly for love, but your feelings were not returned. So deep inside your caring nature, you did not even notice as you began to deteiorate. You were burned in a terrible fire and died shortly there after in the ambulance. Your lover did not attend the funeral. You travel through Hell looking for anyone to love you, bound and gagged.

11 – THE BOUND WOMAN – You are truly pain, born with a severe from of Spinabifida, you spent your life in a metal contraption to restrict movement. Eventually the pain got so bad you lost your mind and suffered an agonising death. Now in hell, with popped eyeballs spilling sizzling blood, you screech through darkened halls, bestowing your very painful fate to others, over and over again.

12 – THE MERCILESS CHILD – You were left to be an orphan at a young age. Forced to travel with no other means you sold your body. Finally one night you were raped and murdered, that same night you sold your soul to the Devil. You prowl around churches and confessional booths, posing as a preist and taking the souls of thoose indulging in sexual acts.

13 – THE LOST SOUL – You do not forgive yourself for waht you did. Instead you wander the mortal world until one of the other ghosts finds you and consumes you entirely. You are a lost and heartbroken soul. The wholey pure. You are a sarifice to the Dark Divinity.

The Black Zodiac

Ready! Get Set! Go!!!

To have that clarity that I have long been looking for is amazing! It took me some years to get to this point and I will continue going forward. Things that are hidden will have light shed on them. I see the future me and she is a beautiful woman who knows what she want and knows that if she reaches deep down within she can pull out that strength to help her achieve all of her dreams. She is alone but as long as she knows who she is and she loves herself for 2, is she ever truly alone?

Ready! Get Set! Go!!!