Star Goddesses of the Bible

Ostara, The Good

KATHERINE-SKAGGS-1138.white-owl-woman(Photo Credit: Owl Woman by Katherine Skaggs)

Last week, I was awakened at seven o’clock in the morning with the mists of a dream still swirling around my brain. And like a good mother I got up and instead of blogging like I wanted to, made some notes in my journal and took care of my kids. So now I finally have some time to get it all down.

 I saw the Goddesses of the Bible sectioned into five categories that resembled the five pointed star, with a great circle around it called the Pentacle.  The Pentacle is a symbol of the covenant of faith in many spiritual paths but most notably in Wicca. It is an amulet used in magical evocation and is also used as a sigil of spiritual protection from negative energies. Much like the five pointed star of the policeman, it is a talisman of identity, and strength.

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Star Goddesses of the Bible

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