It’s Mercury Retrograde: Don’t Panic!


Mercury turns retrograde three times this year, and this event sends many witches and other magickal folk into a state of paranoia. While it is certainly something to be cautious about, it doesn’t necessarily mean your world is going to fall apart. Many folks tend to focus on the harmful side of a Mercury Retrograde, and completely ignore the beneficial aspects of this celestial event. So, what exactly is a Mercury Retrograde?

When viewed from Earth, the planet Mercury usually moves in a forward direction (Direct), but 3-4 times a year it appears to be moving backward (Retrograde). This is an optical illusion, as it is not really going backward, it only appears to when viewed from Earth. All planets go retrograde at one point or another, so why all this attention on Mercury? Well, each of the planets have energies that affect various aspects of life, such as relationships, career, health and…

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It’s Mercury Retrograde: Don’t Panic!

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