Goddess Kupala


Journeying to the Goddess

“Kupala’s themes are joy, health and cleansing. Her symbols are water, flowers, ferns and birch-wood.  The Slavic Goddess of springs and water, Kupala, whose name literally means ‘to bathe’, washes us with happiness and longevity. Oddly enough, She has a fire aspect too, which likely alludes to purification, protection and transformation. Wildflowers, birch trees and ferns were sacred to Her.

To bring a year filled with joy, contentment and health, leave a natural cloth outside today to gather dew. Use it tomorrow to bath in Kupala’s magic!

Take some flower petals to any moving water source (even a hose) and toss them on the stream. As you do, make a wish for something that will make you really happy. Let Kupala, in the form of the water, carry your wish toward manifestation.

To rid yourself of sickness, negativity or a bad habit before the year really gets rolling, find a…

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Goddess Kupala

Knot Magic

I really needed this.

Knot Magick


With knot of one, my spell begun
With knot of two, my words speak true
With knot of three, I will it be
With knot of four, this power I store
With knot of five, this spell contrive
With knot of six, this spell I fix
With knot of seven, twixt earth and heaven
With knot of eight, is willed by fate
With knot of nine, these powers are mine
As I will so mote it be

Variation of a witches ladder chant

Knot magic, also called cord magic, is one of the most versatile forms of the craft there is avaliable to the witch. From binding an unwanted influence or habit to harnessing the power of the wind, the tying of knots is a flexible operation which makes use of visualisation tequniqes and the manifestation will and personal power to achieve a given goal.

The use of knots in…

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Knot Magic




Stealth. The need to tread with great caution, secrecy, tact or diplomacy in a given situation. The use of deception for selfish ends.

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