Seer’s Tea

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Triple Moon Herbs

The essence of this blend is to calm the conscious mind and awaken the intuitive sense. As well, an aid for sleep, anxiety and divination. The recipe (for a large batch) follows.

Seer’s Tea 


1 cup green rooibos
1 cup hops flowers
1 cup damiana
1/2 cup mugwort
1/2 cup chamomile
1/3 cup hibiscus flowers, lightly crushed
1/2 cup calendula flowers (marigold)
2 tablespoons orange peel
2 tablespoons lavender

Mix herbs in a bowl thoroughly.
To brew, pour hot water (just under a boil but not boiling), over 1 tablespoon of the blend per 8 oz cup. Steep at least 5 minutes, longer if you’d like it stronger. Best enjoyed with a bit of honey.

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Seer’s Tea

How the law of attraction work’s for me!!!

That moment when you realize you can manifest a better reality for yourself.

Living my life as a Empath.

how the law of attraction work’s for me it is weird,being a Empath isn’t easy at all we all learn how to master ourselves first before we are able to help others & then this is where I get a change of scenery from what I think about I get,wrong what I feel is what I get,so with that being said I attract what others can’t have,I was sleep one day and I saw my life like it was a movie staring Moi,but I never see anyone else in the movie so I went into a deep rest to the point where I was seen given a red sweater or hoodie.we’ll the next day I got a Red sweatshirt from my MOM,now the next dream I was driving a Porsche Cayman S turbo convertible hardtop,and it was a silver car my last sports car was silver,hmmm,now in my dream I…

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How the law of attraction work’s for me!!!