Tears For You

This is why I feel it is very important to pay respects to the ancestor and other spirits known and unknown. It is important that we let them know we care and we want the best for them. Alive or dead you want to know out of the said 7-9 billion people in this world that someone cares about you.

Who is she? The pilgrimess.


Maybe you just have one of those faces, but people just don’t trust you. Whether or not you are what people say you are is irrelevant. It’s just your lot in life. Sorry.
“The town rallied in a frenzy, cornering her in a farmhouse which they lit on fire, but moments later, she miraculously crawled out, still alive and without a single burn upon her skin. The astounded townsfolk sentenced her to a slow death in the stocks. There she stayed for weeks while children stoned her, women cursed her, and men spat on her.”

Tears For You

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