The movies will show you

Thirteen Ghosts


Pay attention to the day and planetary hour. When you start to pay attention you will see the planets really do influence our moods. It is not just enough to know someone else’s sign but their  DOB and exact time of entrance into the world as well. It helps in dealing with people.

For example, I know on the day that is said to be a day for confrontation (mars) is the best day out of the week for me. Weird, but that is the observation that I have made over the last few weeks. Try it for yourself! See which days and hours make you yippity and which ones make you lethargic. These doctors now-a-days are not going to present this theory to you and I know I am not the only one who has ever thought about this. They want money so of course they are not going to give you this theory. Mix this with alternative medicine, aroma therapy, and silencing the mind (also know as meditation) you will be on your way to recovery the safe and natural side effect free way. Only in the U.S.A will you be dehumanized and labeled. God Bless America =(

Planetary Hours

Time Travel with the soul is possible
Time Travel with the soul is possible

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