Crystalline Power

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Materials Science is an inter-disciplinary field that studies the relationship between the structure of materials at atomic scales and their macroscopic properties. In this science, a Crystal is defined as ‘a solid substance in which the atoms, molecules or ions are arranged in an orderly repeating pattern that extends in all three Spatial dimensions‘. But Crystalline energy is an omnipotent power source that has implications far beyond the understanding of modern science.

At the onset of World War II, a Theoretical Physicist named Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer was working as a Professor of Physics at the University of California, Berkeley. At that time in history, there was an increasing demand for a certain type of Crystal called quartz, which is a naturally occurring form of Silicon. It was quartz Crystals that were used in…

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Crystalline Power

Just Sittin Here

Still planning!

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Planning out the next week. I have to get back on track with my diet. I stepped on the scale a couple weeks ago and was surprised by the results. No gym. All me. 20 LBS lost that is all me.  All me for real. I am determined which is why I am sitting here right now planning out the meals for next week, workout times, and study time. I love the direction my life is going in because when you remember who you are, you take control of the steering wheel and find your place in the world. You don’t have to be what everyone else wants you to be. BE YOU! Do it for you! Love you! No one controls you and any kind of dysfunction you think you have is only because someone pointed out something unique in you and tried to demonize it. Just know there…

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Just Sittin Here