Please remember that I do not need your approval. Please remember that no matter how much you attack subliminally, It is a waste of your time because I truly do not give two fucks and a handshake. My beliefs are not yours and yours are not mine. We could share beliefs but if we don’t oh well. I don’t have to view the world from your eyes. It is the eyes that see but what does your mind perceive? It took me forever to learn how to love myself and the things that to others make me weird but to me makes me unique. You do you and I will continue to be a perfect me. I did not come here for you, I came here for me. I don’t smoke weed OR eat depending on my emotions AND I have not had sex in over a year SO……………………………..Piss off and let me have my space to vent and talk about my religious beliefs. What the fuck do you care? I don’t care if anyone ever comments or likes because I am here for me. Goodbye!

tumblr_n5j20hli5f1svmv60o1_500   Thank you thank you very much=) *Elvis voice*


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